Current projects

The Metacognitive Hub Model of Craving on Eating Disorders (Principal Investigator):

Project funded by the Region Pays-de-la-Loire, and Nantes University (110 000€)

Craving (which could be defined as a compelling urge to use a substance) is an important symptom of substance use disorders (SUDs), recently introduced in the DSM 5. However, it is not currently considered a symptom of eating disorders, despite the increasingly frequent association of this disorder with SUDs and the growing number of studies exploring craving in bulimia nervosa (BN) and binge eating disorder (BED). This lack of recognition of craving in BN and BED can be understood in terms of the divergence of methods for assessing craving. One way to address these criticisms is to explore craving via the recent model proposed by Flaudias et al. (2019). This model allows for the integration of all components of craving (clinical and cognitive) based on recent neurobiological knowledge of addictions. In particular, this model assumes the articulation of three systems (emotional, cognitive and interoceptive) whose dysregulation would lead to the expression of craving.
Thus, this project aims to: (1) explore in BN and BED the presence of the different sub-dimensions of craving postulated by the « metacognitive hub » model and their interactions (2) better understand the link between the neuropsychological processes involved in craving and the symptomatology of BN and BED.
These results would allow: (a) to characterize food craving in patients suffering from BN and BED by exploring the three systems of the triadic model as well as the role of metacognitive capacities in this symptom, (b) to offer perspectives of new computerized tools that could be used in clinical practice to allow more refined evaluations of psychological processes, (c) to underline the importance of craving in the pathology and to stimulate future research on this symptom that seems to be major in these disorders.

The Metacognitive Hub Model of Craving on students with tobacco use (Principal Investigator):

Project funded by the Region Pays-de-la-Loire, and Nantes University (10 000€)

Numerous studies have measured, tested, evaluated and examined craving. Nevertheless, the abundance of theory on this subject still does not allow a consensus on the precise definition of craving. Therefore, the aim of this research is to evaluate precisely the effects of the three components of the metacognitive hub model, notably interoception, in triggering craving. Moreover, the interaction of these three systems (cognitive/emotion/interoception) has never been measured before on a students population with tobacco use. For this, we refer to the neurocognitive model of Flaudias et al. (2019), building on the triadic model of Noël et al. (2013). More than anything, the appreciation of the articulation of the three systems involved in craving is also framed in a temporal perspective, with an ecological momentary approach (EMA), in order to account for the evolution of tobacco craving in students.

Alimnum : Le numérique comme levier de changement des comportements alimentaires (Digital technology as a lever for changing eating habits) (Associate Investigator)

Project funded by the ANR (446 237€)

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This project is based on the observation that for several years, we have been witnessing the development of digital tools: platforms, applications …. which accompany the daily life of consumers. This very rapid development is taking place without any real control and regulation. The central question that drives these reflections is the following: How can we put these tools at the service of healthy and sustainable food behaviors? More concretely, the objectives of our projects are twofold: to consider their positive role (better information, implementation of sustainable supply chains, fight against food waste, …); to examine their potentially harmful effects (roles of influencers, impacts of digital food marketing, effects on eating disorders …) on consumers and in particular on young people (children / adolescents / young adults). Principal Investigator : Pascale Ezan

Former projects

Principal Investigator
2020 – Call for projects Castelloti Foundation: Evaluation of the impact of a cognitive remediation program on adolescents suffering from anorexia nervosa – Principal investigator (24 900€)
2017 – Call for proposals Centre TCA Auvergne – Agence Régional de Santé Auvergne Rhône-Alpes: project coordinator (300 000€/year over 3 years)
2011 – 2017 – Regional MILDECA call for projects: Auvergne Addictions Resource Center – Main sponsor (453 680€)
2017 – Regional MILDECA call for projects: Effectiveness of Mindfulness to prevent addictive behaviors in children – Main sponsor (9 000€)
2016 – Fondation de France call for projects: Implementation and evaluation of a cognitive remediation program for patients suffering from ADD – Principal Investigator (8 500€)
2015 – Regional call for MILDECA projects: How to prevent addictive behaviors during extracurricular activities – Main sponsor (15 000€)
2015 – Regional call for MILDECA projects: Effectiveness of a smartphone application to reduce alcohol consumption among students – Main sponsor (5 000€)
2014 – Regional call for MILDECA projects: Implementation and evaluation of a program for the prevention of addictive behaviors in the sports environment – Main sponsor ( 8 000€)
2013 – Foundation for Research in Alcoholism (formerly IREB): Effectiveness of an attentional bias remediation program on a tactile tablet for alcohol-dependent patients – Main sponsor (9 000€)
Associate Investigator
2019 – Danone Foundation call for projects: ALIMFIT – Understanding the eating behaviors of school-aged individuals linked to social networks and digital communication in general. Associate investigator. Principal investigator: Pascale Ezan (€50,000).
2018 – Joint call for projects Pôle Grenoble Cognition/CDP NeuroCog 2017-2018: MEMO + – Associate investigator, Principal Investigator : Rebecca Shankland (1 500€)
2017 – Call for projects from the Rhône-Alpes Auvergne cancéropôle Oncostarter: Prevention of the influence of the media on alcohol consumption – Associate Investigator. Principal Investigator : Boris Chapoton (39 996€).